Exploring exaptations in engineering practices within a RAG-Based application

In this article, I delve into the concept of RAG, aiming to write a RAG nearly from scratch to view it as a pure engineering problem. Learning by doing from scratch will help me eventually discover a kind of exaptation that can guide my decisions as an engineer and clarify any points of confusion I have in understanding the system. I used information from an article in Go because I am fluent in that language. I will write a step-by-step method to create a simple (though not efficient or effective) RAG, noting discoveries that may be useful for my work as a consultant and engineer.

Data-as-a-Product and Data-Contract: An evolutionary approach to data maturity

Using Simon Wardley’s evolution model, I propose a framework for visualizing the maturity of data within a business context, emphasizing the importance of treating data as a product and implementing data contracts to facilitate integration and ensure trust. Ultimately, I suggest that starting with a focus on data-as-a-product is crucial for organizations embarking on their data mesh journey, paving the way for a comprehensive and agile transformation.