Recurrent Neural Network, Serverless with Webassembly and S3

During the past weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to play a bit with Wasm and Go. All those experiments led me to a write a proof of concepts that can illustrate everything I have said recently about: Thinking the deep-learning stack like an Ops (see my post about NNRE/NNDK). Capturing the real value of the training process (the knowledge) into a sequence of bits (the lightning talk I gave about it at the dotAI should be online soon).

Considerations about software 2.0

Disclaimer This is a technical article about a work in progress. The primary goal is to document what I did and to clarify my ideas. A more general and complete article about software 2.0 is in development and should be published on my company’s blog later. This post describes the concept of software 2.0. It evaluates an instance of the Unicode equation parser (as described here) to give a strict separation of the software 1.