Being a better public speaker with a little help of Speech Recognition, Javascript and Chrome

Introduction I usually don’t like slidewares. Actually as IT engineer working, by now, exclusively in France, I’m facing the PowerPoint problem: Too many boring slides, too much information per slide, a presenter dedicated to read their content. Therefore, the audience is watching its watch while waiting for a coffee break. I won’t redo the introduction I already did in a previous post but indeed slides can, from time to time, be a value-add to a presentation.

Getting weather data from the station to the raspberry

Introduction A bunch of friends/colleagues offered me a raspberry pi 3. It may become my VPN gateway, or my firewall, or the brain of my CCTV, or maybe the center of an alarm…. Maybe a spotify player… Anyway, I have installed raspbian and I’m now playing with it. Yesterday evening, as I was about to go to bed, I’ve had a very bad idea… I’ve linked together my rpi and my Oregon Weather Station.

Websockets, Reveal.js, D3 and GO for a dynamic keynote

the goal As all my peers, I have the opportunity to talk about different technological aspects. As all my peers, I’m asked to present a bunch of slides (powerpoint or keynote, or whatever). In this post I won’t dig into what’s good or not to put in a presentation, and if that’s what interest you, I recommend you to take a look at Garr Reynold’s tips and tricks. Steve Jobs said:

Which solution should I choose? Don't think too much and ask a bot!

Let me tell you a story: the why! A year ago, one of those Sunday morning where spring starts to warm up the souls, I went, as usual to my favorite bakery. The family tradition is to come back with a bunch of “Pains au Chocolat” (which, are, you can trust me, simply excellent). hello sir, I’d like 4 of your excellent “pains au chocolat” please I’m sorry, I don’t have any “pains au chocolat” nor any “croissant” anymore what?

Behaviour Driven Development with Gherkin and Cucumber (an introduction)

Opening remarks All my previous posts were about choreography, deployment, topology, and more recently about an attempt to include AI in those systems. This post is a bit apart, because I’m facing a new challenge in my job which is to implement BDD in a CI chain. Therefore, I’m using this blog as a reminder of what I did personally. The following of the Markov saga will come again later.