A foot in NoSQL and a toe in big data

The more I work with AWS, the more I understand their models. This goes far beyond the technical principles of micro service. As an example I recently had an opportunity to dig a bit into the billing process. I had an explanation given by a colleague whose understanding was more advanced than mine. In his explanation, he mentioned this blog post: New price list API. Understanding the model By reading this post and this explanation, I understand that the offers are categorized in families (eg AmazonS3) and that an offer is composed of a set of products.

Image reKognition with a webcam, go and AWS.

It’s been a while since I last posted something. I will fill the gap with a quick post about rekognition. rekognition is a service from AWS that is described as: Deep learning-based image recognition Search, verify, and organize millions of images In this light post, I will present a simple method to grab a picture from my webcam, send it to rekognition and display the result. The part of the result I will focus on is the emotion.

SPA with Gopherjs

Introduction Single page application (SPA) are a standard when dealing with mobile apps. Unfortunately, by now, JavaScript is the only programming language supported by a browser. Therefore, to code web UI it remains a must. Life of an ex sysadmin who wants to code a web app: getting depressed To make the development easier, your friend, who is “web developer” will recommend you to use a marvelous framework. Depending on the orientation of the wind, the moon or its reading, he will encourage you to use reactjs, angular, ember or whatever exotic tool.

HTTP over UDT for inter-region file transfer

Introduction Transferring files between server is no big deal with nowadays network equipments. You use rsync, scp or even http to get a file from A to B. Of course, you rely on the TCP stack so you have a decent reliability in the transport. But TCP has its drawback, especially when it needs to go through a lot of equipments. Typically in the cloud, or over a VPN.

Processing CSV files with golang, python and perl

Introduction System engineers are used to CSV files. They may be considered as a good bridge between Excel and the CLI. They are also a common way to format the output of a script so data can be exploited easily from command lines tools such as sort , awk,uniq, grep, and so on. The point is that when there is a significant amount of data, parsing it with shell may be painful and extremely slow.