Rationale behind wardleyToGo

Wardley Maps are a way of expressing business, market, or any other system through sketching. The Map is a sketch that offers situational awareness on a certain topic. As a sketch, the obvious way to draw a map is with paper and pen. While it is an excellent starting point, a paper representation of a map has a problem: it is static. What I mean by this is that adjusting the placement of some components in the design phase can be tedious (even with a good rubber pencil).

CCCCUE: Generating C4 diagrams with CUE

Thanks to the CUE language, this article will expose a way to draw diagrams as data. It introduces a CUE module holding the definitions for C4 components declarations.

Reading from the web offline and distraction-free

TL;DR: This article describes the wiring of a tool to turn a webpage into a self-sufficient epub (for reading offline). If you want to try the tool, you can grab a binary version from GitHub The Why To oversimplify my need, I will quote this from the Readability Project Reading anything on the Internet has become a full-on nightmare. As media outlets attempt to eke out as much advertising revenue as possible, we’re left trying to put blinders on to mask away all the insanity that surrounds the content we’re trying to read.