Processing CSV files with golang, python and perl

Introduction System engineers are used to CSV files. They may be considered as a good bridge between Excel and the CLI. They are also a common way to format the output of a script so data can be exploited easily from command lines tools such as sort , awk,uniq, grep, and so on. The point is that when there is a significant amount of data, parsing it with shell may be painful and extremely slow.

Being a better public speaker with a little help of Speech Recognition, Javascript and Chrome

Introduction I usually don’t like slidewares. Actually as IT engineer working, by now, exclusively in France, I’m facing the PowerPoint problem: Too many boring slides, too much information per slide, a presenter dedicated to read their content. Therefore, the audience is watching its watch while waiting for a coffee break. I won’t redo the introduction I already did in a previous post but indeed slides can, from time to time, be a value-add to a presentation.

Getting weather data from the station to the raspberry

Introduction A bunch of friends/colleagues offered me a raspberry pi 3. It may become my VPN gateway, or my firewall, or the brain of my CCTV, or maybe the center of an alarm…. Maybe a spotify player… Anyway, I have installed raspbian and I’m now playing with it. Yesterday evening, as I was about to go to bed, I’ve had a very bad idea… I’ve linked together my rpi and my Oregon Weather Station.