A foot in NoSQL and a toe in big data

The more I work with AWS, the more I understand their models. This goes far beyond the technical principles of micro service. As an example I recently had an opportunity to dig a bit into the billing process. I had an explanation given by a colleague whose understanding was more advanced than mine. In his explanation, he mentioned this blog post: New price list API. Understanding the model By reading this post and this explanation, I understand that the offers are categorized in families (eg AmazonS3) and that an offer is composed of a set of products.

Image reKognition with a webcam, go and AWS.

It’s been a while since I last posted something. I will fill the gap with a quick post about rekognition. rekognition is a service from AWS that is described as: Deep learning-based image recognition Search, verify, and organize millions of images In this light post, I will present a simple method to grab a picture from my webcam, send it to rekognition and display the result.

SPA with Gopherjs

Introduction Single page application (SPA) are a standard when dealing with mobile apps. Unfortunately, by now, JavaScript is the only programming language supported by a browser. Therefore, to code web UI it remains a must. Life of an ex sysadmin who wants to code a web app: getting depressed To make the development easier, your friend, who is “web developer” will recommend you to use a marvelous framework. Depending on the orientation of the wind, the moon or its reading, he will encourage you to use reactjs, angular, ember or whatever exotic tool.