Developping "Google Apps" on my Chromebook

It is a week now that I’m playing with my chromebook. I really enjoy this little internet Terminal. I “geeked” it a little bit and I installed my favorites dev tools eg: The solarized theme for the terminal zsh with Oh-my-zsh tmux (stared with tmux -2 to get 256 colors) git vim a Go compiler The HUGO tool to write this blog. All of it has been installed thanks to the “brew” package manager and following those instructions.

Simple polling, a cloud native app - part 1

In this series of posts I’ll explain how to setup a simple polling app, the cloud way. This app, written in go, will be hosted on a PAAS, and I’ve chosen the Google App Engine for convenience. I will not explain in this post how to setup the Development environment as it is described here A word about the Hosting Google Apps Engine is a cloud service aim to host applications without worrying about scalability, and technical architecture of the hosting environement.

Ruby / ZeroMQ / GO

Abtract I really like go as a programming language. It is a good tool to develop web restful API service. On the other hand, ruby and its framework rails has also been wildly used to achieve the same goal. Therefore we may be facing a “legacy” ruby developpement that we would like to connect to our brand new go framework. 0MQ may be a perfect choice for intefacing the two languages.